Introducing Mark S. Decker 'Corky', IGFA Certified Captain, freelance writer, and a proven world class billfish guide. He grew up commercial fishing on the East coast, prior to quitting college and relocating to Alaska to cash in on the booming fisheries of the 1980s. After almost 20 years of incredible success, it all suddenly came crashing down with a looming federal law suite for illegal fishing practices that changed a whole way of life, not just for him but for commercial fishermen in general.

Divorced and facing financial ruin, at age 40 Corky ran away to the South Pacific to start over doing-what else-fishing and writing about fishing. Today Corky's home port is Destin, Florida, where he lives with his New Zealand-born wife, Maggie. Corky recently completed his first novel To See A Green Flash. He is currently working on a sequel to A Hardway to Make an Easy Living. A second novel is in the works and he can usually be found-where else- 
out fishing!

Corky's relaxed, humorous,and engaging writing style makes  readers feel like they are right there in the situation. This has resulted in his popularity as a freelance writer; published in magazines and newspapers round the world.

Published works include articles in Alaska Magazine, New Zealand Fishing News, Power Cruising, Cruising World, Big Game Fishing Journal, Sport Fishing Magazine,
Marlin World, Marlin Magazine, Gaff Magazine, In the Bite, Florida Sports Fishing, Florida Sportsman, Florida Wild Life, IGFA's First Edition On-line Magazine, IGFA's Newsletter, Anchorage Daily News, South Africa's Ski Boat Magazine, and Fly Fishing Magazine.

An article about killer whales in Alaska Magazine was chosen to be published in a book The Last Fontier. The Fifty Best Stories in the History of Alaska Magazine
(2002 Lyons Press).



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