This novel isnít a war story; instead it is about an era, written based upon my personal background of growing 
up in a small East Coast town in Maine; the characters are borrowed from larger than life colorful personalities 
from the memories of my youth. Vietnam has always 
held a strong fascination for me. Iíve studied the 
history of that war throughout my life and have interviewed countless Vietnam vets.
To See a Green Flash is an accurate story about heroes 
of that time and within these pages I have tried to honor those great men. 

Capturing the imagination of the reader, this novel offers a different prospective of that time. It's about love and about making different choices and their consequences.

My personal experience of growing up during this period is the motivation behind the novel. My father was a teacher 
and coach during these years. While he supported the military, he did everything possible to get his players and students into college and off the front lines. My childhood memories of my dadís efforts were the inspiration 
for this novel. 

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