Bill Fish

Bill fish, with a sword attached to your head, you are just going to be a bad ass, cant help it!

Marlin and swordfish are the bullies of the ocean, they will kill for the sheer fun of it, they get mad as hell, and are world’s ultimate game fish on a rod and reel. I have caught over a thousand, (not me personally, my anglers) and no two were ever the same, the game is changing, and top captains are putting up numbers like never before.

If you want to experience this fishery, send me a e-mail and I’ll put you in touch with some of the best charter boat captains in the world, and if you are a private boat owner who wants to go catch a heap, call me!

Oh yeah, If you are really about this game, you own a 

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If it doesn’t have a bill it is just bait! 





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