The Passion of  Hunting the Magnificent 

Bluefin Tuna 

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The bluefin tuna numbering in the tens of thousands, were an old group, most weighing in excess of eight hundred pounds traveling north in the Gulf Stream. The strong current made their annual migration swifter for the mass of tuna, the fish were hungry, and knew where they could find the oil rich herring needed to rebuild their body fat. They had spent the winter in the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico where they spawned, using up the fat stored from their previous summer in Maine, and were anxious to return to the feeding grounds. The fish at this stage of their lives had no enemies nothing was large or fast enough to catch them, especially when they stayed within the school forming an impenetrable mass, years of survival and adaptation had taught them well.

The very eldest of the fish could remember a time of peace, that was long ago, now they were hunted, pursued relentlessly, the grand school began to shift looking for new feeding grounds. The herring were hard to leave, but these waters were now the killing grounds, the fish shifted south and found a ledge where mackerel a secondary food source were found in mass. For a short time the grand school were able to feed and run without being chased, this was short lived, the hunter boats soon found them once again…



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