The Passion of Hunting the Magnificent Bluefin
by Capt. Corky Decker

5 Stars                                 5star-flat-web
Non-Fiction - General
144 Pages
Reviewed on 09/07/2018
Book Review
Reviewed by Kimberlee J Benart for Readers' Favorite

If you enjoy reading non-fiction books where the authorís personality and charisma are as much apart of the narrative as the subject, Harpoon: The Passion of Hunting the Magnificent Bluefin Tuna by Captain Corky Decker is for you. If you happen to be a fan of sport fishing or have an interest in the fishing industry or the history of harpooning, so much the better. Iím none of those, but I didnít want to put this book down. Captain Decker, a commercial harpooner, writes in the way I suspect that he speaks. Heís to-the-point, down-to-earth, enthusiastic, friendly, and business-like, all at the same time. I knew little about the bluefin tuna when I started, but Iíve gained a new appreciation for both the fish and the harpooners who hunt it. Photographs add a wow factor for readers not familiar with the size of this amazing creature.
In Harpoon, Captain Decker provides an informative and engaging treatment of the topic, starting with his first thrilling view of a bluefin tuna at the age of five and ending decades later as a new crop of young people experience the same thrill. He covers the history of harpooning, the business aspects of the fishery, and the future of the industry, with a splash of interesting
memories and adventures along the way. I was happy to learn that harpooning is far more humane in its killing of the fish than other methods. I can see now why the bluefin is the most prized and expensive fish in the sea. An enjoyable and informative read.



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