When I'm out looking for bluefin I have the thrill of observing a diverse array of other sea life, such as..

Humpback Whales

 Humpbacks are by far the coolest sea creatures in the world, wicked smart, they seem to like people, they are jumpers, tail slappers, bubble blowers, and feeding machines. I’ve had them raise their heads out of the water and look me right in the eye while out on the stand before, close enough that I could have touch him with my pole. I remember Amy, Sonny’s golden retriever jumping overboard and swimming right up to a sleeping humpback on Middle Banks. The whale woke up to a bark, and raised its head looking at the dog, it just watched that dog swim around him, probably wondering that he’d have to snooze farther offshore, damn land creatures…

I love all my New England whales, but I’ll burn up tuna time with the Humpbacks, they are really worth watching, and every once in awhile they seem to help you out with the bluefin; there are times when the tuna seem to be calmed right down when swimming with the humpies.  



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