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Introducing Mark S. Decker 'Corky'. Bluefin harpooner, IGFA Certified Captain, freelance writer, and a proven world class billfish guide. 

      'My earliest memories are waterlogged, I’ve known the moment my eyes first saw the Gulf of Maine, that I was born to be on her. I have never deviated from this path, one time or another I have fished around the world with the sole exception being the Indian Ocean. From Cape Verde to the Great Barrier Reef, I have yet to find the equal that is my own backyard. Maine, the traditions, the families, the tuna fish, it is where it all began, and it is where I am in the fall years of my life.

Being a harpooner is such a strange thing in today’s world, so primitive, in the age of megapixels, and bots, but what a pure way to harvest such a majestic creature.

No one in the world loves the bluefin more than I do, and while I hunt them, I do so the same as my hero’s of youth did, one at a time, selective, honor, humane, and pride, are all the ways I describe my fishery.

Over the course of my life I have written three books, they are all about, what else bluefin tuna. . I am blessed to be a story teller, and with the written word much more so than the spoken. I am truly grateful to be able to share some incredible stories, with whomever is interested in hearing them. That to me is the beauty of writing, I can share some thing that is so bloody important to me, with someone that without the books and magazines I never would have meet, that to me is pretty cool….

We have donated books to libraries, so if someone can’t afford to buy a book, you should still be able to read about my fish, (yeap, they are mine:-) Magical, I think so……'

Corky's relaxed, humorous,and engaging writing style makes  readers feel like they are right there in the situation. This has resulted in his popularity as a freelance writer; published in magazines and newspapers round the world.

Published works include articles in Alaska Magazine, New Zealand Fishing News, Power Cruising, Cruising World, Big Game Fishing Journal, Sport Fishing Magazine,

Marlin World, Marlin Magazine, Gaff Magazine, In the Bite, Florida Sports Fishing, Florida Sportsman, Woods & Water, Big Game Fishing Journal, National Fisherman, Florida Wild Life, IGFA's First Edition On-line Magazine, IGFA's Newsletter, Anchorage Daily News, South Africa's Ski Boat Magazine, and Fly Fishing Magazine.

An article about killer whales in Alaska Magazine was chosen to be published in a book The Last Fontier. The Fifty Best Stories in the History of Alaska Magazine

(2002 Lyons Press).



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